About Us

We recently launched an effort to create an online store for you, our esteemed and attentive customers, always offering you high quality products. We deal with baptism items, offering multiple choices in baptismal clothes and shoes for baby boys and girls. Our bonbonniere made of neutral materials, always tasteful and attentive accompanied by beautiful ribbons and tulle, filled with delicious delicacies of every taste and color.

Still with us you will find Ladopana in carefully packaged and made of natural material, hypoallergenic, Christening candles made of natural wax or paraffin, adorned with original creation

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Our Heritage and who we are

We love the fact that we are still independent. It allows us to keep our founding values, passion, knowledge and experience - which we have gained over our 10 year heritage - at the heart of what we do. This is what makes babyart.gr unique.

We all love working at babyart.gr and chatting with our clients around the world. You will find, at all times, all employees and the friendly customer service team who responds to phone calls, live chat and emails.

We all have the same goal ... to be the favorite store in the world! This means the best and most beautiful brands, the largest selection of children's clothing and excellent personal service.

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Every day we discover and introduce new brands - each carefully selected by our group of buyers. Every season, they always find the most beautiful and exciting young designers to offer.

Our shopping team has over 10 years of combined experience in children's clothing and is known for their skill in choosing the best products and brands. Every season, they travel the world to make sure we have the best available.

Our Customers

We love our customers! They come from all over the world - over 160 countries - which means we always use the most reliable couriers to ensure that all orders arrive safely and as quickly as possible.